Becoming A Great Leader

AA018357If you’ve been a leader for any amount of time (at work, at church, wherever), you’ve probably come to realize that your habits and beliefs play a pivotal role in the success of not only your business but also your individual team members. You are the one who can, and should, set the tone of the working atmosphere.

To help you figure out how to go about doing this, I’ve listed a few points below from an article I read some time ago on the topic. Also, at the bottom of the post is a link to the full article.

They Collaborate Rather Than Grandstand
Great leaders realize that success doesn’t have to entail only individual accomplishment. They redefine that emotionally-packed word “success” so that wealth, position, and fame are no longer what really matters. They realize that group success is entirely consistent with individual accomplishment. Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Embracing Feedback

mirror-with-ornate-frameLooking in the mirror is so much a part of our routine we rarely even stop to think about the process. We simply do it to observe our look – how we look to ourselves and how we look to others – as we start the day. Maybe we notice that dark splotch of skin that we want to cover, or that random acne that somehow still manages to pop its way into our lives, or the dark circles that tell everyone how tired we are, or even the cow lick of hair that will only go down with high performance gel. You know, the kind that they use to seal the seams of the space station closed. At any rate, at the end of all of it we get to see where the little imperfections are and adjust to take care of them so that we can look our best.

If we are really being honest, most of us would probably choose to swap out that frequently used bathroom mirror for the Evil Queen’s in Snow White. It’s just more pleasant to have the thing tell us what we want to hear and if it ever comes down to the point where it doesn’t, then we just eliminate the threat. The fact of the matter is that some of the best leaders are those who have learned to see value in and embrace feedback. Feedback is the messages and signals that sometimes only the bravest or even most aloof around us actually dare to communicate. This feedback is invaluable because it actually, like the mirror, exposes something about who we are and how we come across that can build and encourage people, tear them down, or simply create an atmosphere counter to the one we desire to set. Continue reading