My Marriage Is Perfect…YEAH RIGHT!

IMG_0289As many of you know, Amy & I have the perfect marriage. It has always been rainbows and alive with the light of a million fairies. YEAH RIGHT!

No, the truth is we’ve had a 14+ year marriage that has been all over the map. Figuratively and literally, haha. We have experienced many joys, but we have also experienced (and sometimes created) many heartbreaking, trust eroding, emotion shattering moments as well. In the midst of the highs and lows, we’ve known one thing to be true: God must be the center of our marriage. That sounds like a trite “Christianese” phrase but it is very true. If we don’t allow Him entrance into every part of us individually and as a couple, we will never walk in the freedom and calling He has for us. At least not to its fullest.

As we’ve moved through our journey, there have been pivotal moments that have led us to stop and evaluate our marital and spiritual health. I’m writing today because last night was one of those times. As we got into bed and would have normally turned on a show or movie, I was led to go to the website of a church I like in Nashville. As I began to scroll through past messages, I found this video. Click Here As Amy and I sat and listened for just over an hour, we were strongly impacted by what this message spoke to us. God used it to reveal things to us about ourselves, our marriage, our parenting, people we’ve hurt, people who have hurt us. It was POWERFUL.

I strongly recommend you and your spouse OR perhaps you and your boyfriend/girlfriend watch this video. Take an hour and instead of watching mindless tv or movies, watch something that can impact your life and help you shape your future. There’s no catch here. They are not selling anything and neither am I. It is real, raw, authentic, biblical insight on relationships. I pray you’ll allow it to impact you for the better.

Believing God will be at work in your relationships as He is in ours!

Written by Andrew Pino

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Who Are You Trying To Please?

You have to filter the input given from others. While it can be good sometimes, often it’s given through the lens of their experiences, fears, prejudices, & agenda. Your creator “knows the plans He has for you” & He is the authority you should live your life for.

Lean Forward

AA018413There are a lot of times in life where we sit back and observe other people’s lives and make judgments based on the perspective we have. Why did she do that? Why doesn’t he do this? More often than not, our view of the situation is only a partial view. Sure, we may have “heard the story” from one of the people involved, but that’s just it, only one of the people involved. As they say, every story has two sides.

For some reason we find it very easy to jump in on other people’s lives and pass judgment, offer unsolicited advice, etc. BUT, we almost always hate when they do it to us.

Why are we prone to picking other people apart? Even worse, why do we so often do it behind their backs? It’s not constructive. It’s not healthy. And it’s not helping anyone.

Before you get concerned I’m saying this to you and not myself also, relax, I’ve been that jerk. All of the insecurities that bubble up in me from time to time, have made me look for the shortcomings in others to elude the judgment myself. Totally immature and unproductive.

Can you imagine if our position in life went from “sit back and judge (or gossip)” to “lean forward and encourage (speak life)”…what would our relationships look like? What if your goal was to build up coworkers instead of tearing them down with attitudes, accusations, etc? What if their stance towards you reflected those same “life giving” attributes. Can you imagine how much productivity in your office (or church, or sports team, etc) would go up with everyone looking for the best in each other versus picking out the worse? Encouraging the strengths in each other instead of amplifying the weaknesses.

Sure, it sounds utopian to believe we could all just flip the metaphorical switch and turn off the inherent human nature to judge and gossip, but we have to start somewhere. We seem to be getting more and more cynical as a society. When will enough be enough? When will we raise the standard back to a place of dignity and valuing others for who they are?

I want to challenge you to do this. Lean forward. Engage a stance of speaking life. I promise you, if you will begin to live out this principle on a daily basis, at work, home, church, wherever, your environment will change. You have the ability to inject life into situations and circumstances that no one else can. Don’t wait for someone else to take the high road. You map out the course for them to follow.

Written by Andrew Pino

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