About Us

LiveIntentional.org is an online resource for leadership development, marriage advice, parenting tips, and health & nutrition knowledge. If you’re looking to improve yourself, your marriage, your family, your purpose in life…LiveIntentional is the site for you.


About Andrew Pino
Andrew PinoAndrew lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, Amy and four kids: Laila, Avery, Logan, & Maddox. When he’s not hanging out with his family, he’s serving organizations (both for profit & nonprofit) in the areas of Strategic Leadership, Team Culture & Development, Sales & Marketing success, Website & Social Media best practices & more.

Andrew loves music, travel, and coffee!

Connect with Andrew: Twitter | LinkedIn | Email

About Amy Pino
Amy PinoAmy lives in Richmond, VA with her husband & 4 young kids. Day to day she wears many hats: Wife, Mommy, Teacher, Culinary Explorer & “crazy hippie”. Through personal health battles like immune system deficiencies, food allergies, etc, Amy’s become a leader in teaching others about nutrition & health. (Read Her Story)

Amy loves clean living, reading, travel, coffee, & Pinterest!

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