Family Update – BIG News

Whirlwind is the best word to describe these last 3-4 weeks. Never in our lives have we been more sure about where God was leading, but also overwhelmed by the enormity of the life change. In His kindness, He always provides the grace needed to walk out whatever He’s called us too.

About 4 weeks ago, Amy and I were feeling a stirring in our heart to explore relocation to Jackson, WY. After our 2018 trip, we fell in love with this area and put it on the “bucket list” for one day settling down, but to be honest, never thought it would be a reality. In May of this year when we got back to the area, we began to attend a new church plant from FreshLife.Church and were quickly impacted by the sense of community. It felt like the church was here for us, but also that we were here for the church. It was strange because we were moving on in 6 weeks to Montana to continue our Full-time RV living adventure. But, the feeling was something we just couldn’t shake. As we began to process what we were sensing and feeling, we tried to determine how a move to a place like this would even be a possibility. The truth is, it wasn’t possible. The “barriers to entry” in this area are extremely high. Nothing we could do could force this into a new reality.

But God.

As Amy was online one day about 4 weeks ago, she came across a job opening at Jackson Hole Classical Academy. A Christian private school, looking for a 3rd grade teacher. For a week she sat on it and just thought, “Nah, it’s not for me.” and “Would I even be qualified or the right fit for something like that?” Again, she was unable to shake off the feeling that she should apply. After a few promptings from various people, she prayerfully applied to the role.

The whirlwind began to blow.

On Tuesday night of that week, Amy applied to the job. On Friday they interviewed her and offered her the job. On Monday she did her teaching demonstration and on that Thursday they showed us a house we could rent. Yeah, insane speed.

But God.

We prayerfully considered each step on this huge life change with every step being met by God with abundant blessing. Quite frankly, He has been ridiculously pouring out His love and blessing on our family in this time. It’s overwhelming, in the best way. With peace in our heart and faith in our heads (that details would come together), Amy accepted the role.

We went from Full-time RV living and traveling America, to living in a beautiful home in Jackson Hole, WY, with a new career for Amy, private Christian school for Laila, Avery, and Logan, preschool for Maddox, a used pickup truck for me, a new church, and the Grand Tetons in our backyard. Wow, whirlwind for sure!

It’s unreal to think of what has happened in just one month’s time. There is no way we could have orchestrated this. The details have simply moved into place with divine efficiency. As I sit in our new house and write this to you, I’m dumbfounded at God’s love for us. Every “wouldn’t that be awesome” or “maybe someday we could” has been laid out before us. Blessings we didn’t earn, favor we couldn’t strive to attain. As the worship song says “Reckless Love” indeed.

So, how about that for an update? Crazy huh?

Thank you all so much for all the engagement and support of our family as we have adventured in this uncommon lifestyle over the last couple years. We have loved sharing our adventures with you. Though we won’t be full-time traveling anymore, we are now based in one of the most beautiful locations in the country and will certainly continue to adventure on weekends, school breaks, and summertime. Now the adventure of new beginnings will be our “adrenaline rush” and walking in this calling will be our joy.

For those of you who want to, here are some ways to pray for us:

  • Pray for Amy’s new job and all the opportunities in front of her.
  • Pray for our kids as they transition from Home/Roadschooling to private school.
  • Pray for our new church and what God has in store there.
  • Pray for our influence in this community.
  • Pray for us to keep a Kingdom mindset, even when earthly perspective gets hard.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. We value our friendship with you, even if it is simply online these days. You do matter to us and we’re grateful for your investment in us.


Posted by Andrew Pino

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2 thoughts on “Family Update – BIG News

  1. This is awesome news I am so happy to hear what God has done for you all and praying for you on this new journey an what God has in plan for you all there. I look forward to hearing more about what the is opportunity brings you and your family. God bless you all.


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