The Post Where I Ruin Your Life

SugarC’mon, we both knew this day would come. You’ve been dreading it and I’ve been, well, not dreading it, but we knew it would come. Why you ask? Because it must be said…I cannot let you live your life and not know the real truth. But I will warn you, it’s ugly. So here it goes…Sugar is bad for you. Um, Amy, we know that. No, I mean like really, really, horrifically bad! Deep breaths, you’re going to make it through this…I’ve been there, trust me!

See here’s the thing: we say sugar is bad for you and then we go on eating it in blissful ignorance, never really defining bad. And because we don’t define HOW bad it is, we keep eating it…like a lot of it. But Amy, I eat sugar “in moderation!” Yes, I’m sure you do, but here’s the thing: The average American eats around 150 pounds of sugar a year…A YEAR!!! That’s somewhere in the vicinity of 3/4 of a cup a day. Um, Houston we have a problem! So maybe you’re not the average American, but I’m kind-of convinced at this point that none of us know what moderation actually means. (Hint: it isn’t everyday…I’ll give you a moment to recover.)

To give you a comparison, in the 1820’s, each person consumed around 4 pounds of sugar a year (this is “added sugar” not like fruits and vegetables). Even if you aren’t a candy bars and soda kind of person, you are likely still consuming WAAAAYYY more sugar than you would ever guess with the hidden sugars in our food (yogurt, cereal, pasta sauce, salad dressing, juice, etc). So what I’m attempting to do for you is define “bad.” How bad is it really? Lucky for you, I’ve linked a few articles to this so you can see for yourself (also because I feel no need to rewrite something when someone else already did a fantastic job of it). :)

So, go grab your favorite sugar laden Starbucks beverage -it may be the last one you enjoy in blissful ignorance ;), read these and then, do something about it.

– The Really Long Sciency One: Read it!

– The Really Long, Less Conclusive, But Scary Enough One: Read it!

– The Non-Peer Reviewed But Good Overview One (not too long): Read it!

Written by Amy Pino

UPDATE: Read part two of this post: Click Here

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2 thoughts on “The Post Where I Ruin Your Life

  1. I didn’t click the links since I’m pretty well versed on the evils of sugar, but I’d love to see a follow up post on how you limit sugar for your family! Or any recipes you really like sans sugar. Do you read food labels with your kids, or discuss ingredients while you eat, or what? I love to hear what other health conscious families do. Personally, I haven’t kept white sugar in my house in over a year and we don’t miss it. If I need a sweetener, I use local honey, maple syrup or coconut palm sugar :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • From Amy…

      Hi Shannon!
      Wish granted! I am going to work on a follow up post this week and will answer your questions in it – sounds like you are on the right track though with cutting out the evil refined stuff! 😊. Stay tuned!


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