Engaging People

Up Close and PersonalWow, I wonder what’s wrong with her? Man, he looks like he’s going through it! Are these phrases that have crossed your mind when looking at a coworker, neighbor, cashier, etc? Seeing the weight of the world on their shoulders…eyes puffy and red, posture shrunken down, hanging their head. Sound familiar?

Question: Did you stop and say or do anything?

So many people are struggling, lonely, isolated, withdrawn; thinking no one knows they even exist. That feeling of despair can overshadow every area of their life. What was once a singular problem has metastasized into their whole being. Depression, fear, anger, all consume their emotional state. It’s an awful way to live and certainly not what was intended for us.

Question: Did you know you have the power to change their atmosphere?

There is no magic formula, no special list of things to do when you see someone like this. Instead, it’s simple: engage. In our head down, face in the cell phone world, it’s very easy to move right through life glazing over every interaction, every circumstance, and every struggling soul.

No more. Don’t let that be the way you move through life…self focused, absorbed in the superficial, slave to the immediate. (yes, I’m preaching to me too)

Lets change the environment around us. Lets engage with those we cross paths with. Just an acknowledgement and exchange of a few words from you could mean the difference in a person’s entire day. Imagine if you took it even further and looked for ways to help them in their journey. What an impact you could have on the trajectory of someone else’s life!

There are open doors of relational opportunity all around you. Disengage from the fruitless distractions and engage where true value lies…in people.

Written by Andrew Pino

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