4 Things To Help You Stay Healthy This Winter 

IMG_1340Ok, truth be told, there’s more than 4, but I promised my husband I would write a shorter post this time, so I’m cutting it back! :) I did try to narrow it down to a few simple things that absolutely anyone can do. These have made such a BIG difference in our family and how often we get sick and I hope they do for you as well!

1. Diet – Come on, what did you expect me to say first?!? :) It’s so crazy important and an absolute first line of defense. Up your veggie intake (Bonus: buy local veggies from a farmer’s market for a nutrient boost), make your own Bone Broth, and seriously reduce or eliminate refined sugar (no, seriously…this one’s a big deal.)

2. Add a Vitamin D supplement to your world, especially during those winter months when you aren’t spending as much time outside in the sun. Even better, a Fermented Cod Liver and Butter Oil blend (best one ever), which is naturally high in vitamins A, D and K. Guess what those do? A whole lot, but enhancing the immune system is one of them. Side note: I would personally go with the pill form. It’s not as economical, but unless you truly enjoy the flavor of fermented fish, trust me on this! My kids take the pills, so I know you can!

3. Probiotics. They’re all the rage, but for a very good reason: Good bugs killing off bad bugs means happy digestion, less sickness and some… um, other perks as well. I especially recommend them if you have taken antibiotics (and who hasn’t) or have compromised digestion (IBS, food intolerances, allergies, etc). This is a really good one, but I also like to get mine from fermented or cultured foods, like yogurt and kefir, and my kids love this one. Try not to get the fruity, sugary kinds though. Opt for some plain and add some stevia or a little honey to it or put it in smoothies. (Bonus: Make your own yogurt and kefir. It’s phenomenal, economical and has more probiotics than the store bought. (Recipe) Fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, dill pickles, and my personal fave, Kombucha, also have incredible amounts of the good bugs also.

4. Sleep. Kids will argue this one; Adults will enthusiastically agree and this sleep deprived mom is reasonably sure this is the best one! Your body needs to repair itself after all of your crazy busy days. You can do all the other things right, but if you aren’t doing this one, you are running yourself down and increasing the odds that you will get sick. I say this and it is midnight here and my son will wake up at 4am for a feeding…how I covet sleep these days!

Like I said, there’s more to add to the list, but this is a great start. So talk to me! What are some of the things you do to stay healthy?

Written by Amy Pino

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