Your Title Is Dad, Not Friend

IMG_2617I know some of you may read that title and think “I want to be both” and while that concept is good in theory, it’s often poorly executed and leads to kids with issues.

We are called to be Fathers and lead our children in a way that glorifies God, our Heavenly Father. To model that, takes far more discipline then most of us guys want to exert. We’d rather just leave it to our wives to be “the mean parent” and we’ll be the hero, the cool parent, the fun one.

When we aim for “being a friend”, we miss the target God set before us altogether. It’s through you that your kids will learn discipline, patience, anger management, integrity, character, etc. (Moms don’t get upset, they learn this stuff from you too, but Dads/Husbands are called to lead their homes)

If we will strive to be the kind of Father we’re called to be, our kids will look to us with the respect we so deeply desire. That then becomes the foundation of a lasting and influential relationship with our kids.

I want my daughters to know that I love them and care for them enough to correct them (in love) when they do something wrong. I want my son to see that I can handle anger without yelling and screaming because God has equipped me to do so.

Trust me, I have walked the friend/Dad line plenty. This post is as much for me as it is for you! So lets do something about it. Lets rise to the call placed on us. Lets lead our kids and model what a Father and Husband should look like. I guarantee if we do, our kids will consider us their best friends in the long run.

Written by Andrew Pino

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3 thoughts on “Your Title Is Dad, Not Friend

  1. Good stuff Andrew! I tell parents in our church that “if you choose to be their friend now, you will lose your opportunity to ever parent them. However if you choose to be their parent now, you will raise some one you will want to be best friends with for a lifetime.”


  2. Thanks for this post Andrew. This is something I continue to struggle with as well. I am blessed to be the father of 7 wonderful children, and I really enjoy playing with them and interacting with them on their level. But I realize that God has called me first and foremost to be their Dad. They will have many friends throughout their lives but my role as Dad is very special, and I have a unique opportunity to influence them in that God-designed role.


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