Help Your Wife Win

Husbands (especially newer ones), I have a great tip for you:

On Sundays, at whatever time works for you, take some time & help your wife “win” in the coming week. Though she may also work a 9-5, your home is her favorite place & the place she desires to have in order. So, empty the sink, dishwasher, dryer, etc. Pick up around the house. Make the beds. Basically, make the house look like she would like it!

*Extra Credit: Cook Sunday dinner. Come on, who can’t at least fire up the grill.

I am telling you…it will lead to an empowered wife that will be grateful & honored by your sacrifice of some couch time to help her jump start the week.

And, no, my wife did not steal my login to write this!

Written by Andrew Pino

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