Waiting For God To Move

EyesI was thinking recently about how many people, including myself, walk around saying, “I’m waiting for God to move in my life.” We have this notion that God only moves in big ways that garner notoriety. What a humanized way to look at a supernatural God!

Christians and even churches can get so caught up in looking for these “big outpourings” that we often miss the everyday things that God is doing. What we have to remember is that it’s not just about receiving a financial gift, or getting a new job, or receiving healing, etc. Those are all awesome things that God does and will continue to do, but they aren’t an everyday occurrence.

The typical moving of God in our lives is through the continued refining of who we are. Instead of putting us on a pedestal and giving us our every wish, He takes out His chisel and begins to chip away at the imperfections in us. Through that daily process He is moving in ways that are bigger then we could possibly imagine. It’s only when we switch from a passive stance: “I’m waiting for God to move” to an active one: “God is working with me everyday to become who He created me to be,” that we truly see the moving of God in our lives.

Don’t find yourself walking through life with spiritual blinders on. If you want to see God moving in and around you…open your eyes!

Written by Andrew Pino

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